Supporting the good things about Edisto


Some people think EIPA's trying to stop progress.

Far from it. We just don't always agree on what constitutes progress. But
you can bet when we see a good cause members of EIPA are
actively involved. We're working to make Edisto an even better place to live, work and play. We support the good work of the Community Association,
the Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society, the Edisto Island Open Land
Trust, Edisto Pride and many many other organizations.

Most recently we helped SC DNR publicize and carry out their annual
oyster shell recycling project helping to build two new oyster beds, roughly 28 feet long total, just off the Interpretive Center's dock in Big Bay Creek.

the first step is to make bags for the shells Shells are raked into buckets then dumped into tubes. In June's hot sun many bags of shells  are built.
The first step is to make
bags to hold the oyster
shells. This will keep
them from wandering.
Then oyster shells are raked into buckets which are dumped into cylinders. The cylinders are lifted leaving the shells in the mesh bags. It takes a lot of shells to build a bed.

The shell is taken to the landing and loaded on a small boat. It takes a lot of boat loads of shell. In the hot sun even an oyster bed is a place to rest.
The bags of shell are taken to the landing and loaded onto a small boat to be transported to the new
oyster bed.
It takes a lot of bags and boat loads of shell to make even a small oyster bed. The sun is hot, the work is tiring and after a while even an oyster bed makes a place to rest.

This is the seconf of two beds built that day. The group gathers to record that they were part of preserving Edisto.

This is the second of two oyster beds built that day. They total about 28 feet long.
In time new oysters will attach to the bagged shell. Oysters help to filter the salt water, improving water quality and improving
Edisto's environment.
The group gathers, a mixture of DNR
staff and volunteers from as far away as Beaufort. All part of the on going effort to preserve Edisto, it's environment, and the quality of our waters.

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