Bluebirds at Botany Bay 2010.
Out of 88 boxes, the Eastern Bluebirds (EABL) used 52. 19 were used by other species( Carolina Wren, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, and Brown Headed nuthatch). 20 boxes were not used. Note:those numbers add up to 91, after the CAWR and CACH used 3 boxes, the EABL came in and occupied the same ones.

Bluebird data:
Total # eggs laid in all clutches-391
Total # eggs hatched-274
Total # eggs unhatched-117
Total # fledglings that left nest successfully-242(62%)
32 hatchlings were destroyed by either fire ants, raccoons, or other unknown species.

Bluebirds can lay up to 3 clutches. Here are the stats for those too.
First clutch: eggs laid-232
                   Eggs hatched - 198           
                   Eggs unhatched- 34
                   Successful fledglings—179 (78%)

Second clutch: eggs laid- 117
                        Eggs hatched- 60
                        Eggs unhatched- 57
                        Successful fledglings- 57 (49%)

Third clutch: eggs laid- 42
                   Eggs hatched-16
                   Eggs unhatced- 26
                   Successful fledglings-7 (17%)


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