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Welcome to the h ome of the Edisto Island Preservation Alliance, preserving Edisto Island the gateway to the ACE Basin

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founded 2007

Some of the wonderful flowers of Edisto

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A must read for everyone who loves the Carolina Low Country
Edisto and the ACE Basin
Our thanks to the Hilton Head Island Packet


EIPA's Board expresses concern and makes
suggestions to SC DNR about Botany Bay WMA
to read the Board resolution click here

If You Are Going to Botany Bay WMA
Please understand that it is a wildlife area, not a park. Plan accordingly.
Here are some tips that will make your visit something
you will truly enjoy.

2014 Hunt Schedule for Botany Bay WMA

2014 Hunt Schedule for
Botany Bay Plantation WMA
                Botany Bay is CLOSED to the Public for Hunts
November 10-12, 17-19, 22, and all of Thanksgiving week 24-29
December 1-3, 8-10,16, 20, all of Christmas week 22-27 and Dec. 30
Botany Bay WMA is always open on Sunday and always CLOSED on Tuesdays


EIPA strongly supports SC DNR's efforts to renew our shoreline by building additional oyster reefs. The following brief message is from SCORE 

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved record breaking amounts during the 2014 reef build campaign as far as the number of bags deployed and estuarine habitat restored! We are grateful to all that have bagged shell or helped to place it in the on the shoreline to create reefs. We cannot stress enough how important YOU are to our project. The work we do, on the scale that we do it, would not at all be possible without our loyal volunteers!

Don’t forget to check out or photos on Picasa. Photos from events this year are being populated currently. You may even find an oyster restoration action shot of yourself! Feel free to save them and share them with your friends! 

We are excited to see you on the shoreline!

-Stevie, Andrea, Jared, Michael, Sarah, and Tyler (The SCORE Team)

SCORE Program

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

(843) 953-9842

Recently we had an inquiry on our Facebook page as to why SC DNR utilizes plastic mesh bags
to hold the oyster shell they use in rebuilding many of these reefs. To learn the science behind this

Click Here


Oyster Fact:

Pollution from agriculture, homeowner fertilizers, sewage treatment plants, septic systems and car exhaust all contribute to poor water quality which can kill oysters. Sediment, a byproduct of land moving activities such as construction, runs off the land into the water. Sediments in the water can cover and suffocate oyster beds, preventing spat (larval oysters) from attaching to their hard substrate and maturing.)


Important information for all South Carolinians

Good morning,

 Though this is not a Common Agenda issue specifically, it's related to our energy goals.

 As you probably have read, today EPA will propose Carbon Pollution Standards for Power Plants. EPA will set the broad goals, and states will need to determine the tactics to meet those goals. The Washington Post has a good overview. DHEC has a stakeholder group that has been building a common understanding of the policy and technical issues to prepare for these standards.

 We have seen good progress so far in South Carolina. Carbon pollution is dropping from our power plants as older plants are retiring, and our state plan will show that. Fundamentally, a South Carolina plan will be better for everyone than an EPA plan, which is what states that don't do their own plan will get. 

We’ll hear that this will cost jobs and hurt the economy. We've been hearing that for 40 years, and those predictions have been wrong. Since 1970, every $1 in investment in compliance with Clean Air Act standards has produced $4-8 in economic benefits. 

We'll hear that President Obama is bypassing Congress. That is wrong. Congress passed the Clean Air Act, and the Supreme Court has upheld the regulation of carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. 

South Carolina conservation groups will play a role in reviewing EPA's proposal, submitting comments after EPA publishes the proposal in the Federal Register, and letting our elected officials know that climate change is important to South Carolina. Please let Ban Holman, Hamilton Davis, Kenneth Sercy, or me know if you’d like to discuss this issue. 

Best regards,


Alan M. Hancock, Program Director

Conservation Voters of South Carolina

With the help of donors from across SC and the SE The Low Country Open Land Trust raised the final $400,000 to complete the purchase of property surrounding the iconic Angel Oak.

Lowcountry Open Land Trust with our help is successfut

EIPA made a $500 contribution to insure
this successful outcome in addition to donations from several Board members.

The iconic Angel Oak



Latest on the Water Withdrawal Act
Critical to the Edisto River

The South Edisto River is threatened!

A factory farm to produce potatoes by Walther Farms for Frito-Lay Corp. is being built along the South Edisto River.
The South Edisto, as you know, helps create Edisto Island. The South Branch is designated a South Carolina
Scenic River.

The initial permit will allow them to withdraw 805 million gallons of water per month. They have submitted an application to withdraw an additional 400 million gallons
per month. Before clearing the property had over 3,700 acres of forested land.


South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control - Information Update
February 7, 2014
Consistent with an agreement, Walther Farms will reduce surface water withdrawals from the Edisto River.
On February 3, 2014, Walther Farms received a modified surface water withdrawal registration from the Department for their Aiken County farm. The registered maximum monthly withdrawal of 805 million gallons per month has been reduced to 400 million gallons per month. Walther Farms also cancelled their request for a surface water withdrawal registration from the Edisto River for their Barnwell County farm. On February 4, 2013, the Department received a Notice of Intent (NOI) under the Groundwater Use and Reporting Act for two wells to be installed for irrigation at the
Aiken County farm location and six wells to be installed for irrigation at the Barnwell County farm location. The NOI is required to be filed with the Department at least 30
days prior to well construction. Groundwater withdrawals from the wells are proposed from deeper aquifers about 400 to 500 feet below land surface. Please note this NOI to the Department is not subject to Department review, approval, or permit; therefore, this update is being provided for information only. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Bristol at (803)-898-3559 or

*EIPA believes the current law should be strenghtened to allow public input on permits for such withdrawals.

*EIPA is concerned that inadequate buffers were left between the newly cleared land and the river and that runoff may pollute the river.

*EIPA is concerned that the permit was based upon average flows for the river and that in times of drought there may be inadequate remaining flow to maintain for wildlife.

You can help stop this destruction -- Please write your legislators and the Governor today - here is a sample letter and an editorial about the issue

Conservationists have asked for this for a long time. Looks like its finally going to happen: A study of available water in SC

Local governments are also concerned. This was in the Press & Standard... Colleton County


Edisto's own Carol Bass has created a beautiful piece of art to benefit FRED (Friends of Edisto River) Her print (below) is on sale now.

Edisto Rising artwork to benefit Friends of the Edisto

All proceeds from the print sale will be donated to FRED for the work they are doing on protecting the health of our Edisto and the Ace Basin.

Carol's art exhibit in Bamberg, her home town, on March 20- April 10, at the Hooten Black House is dedicated to FRED and the Edisto. The reception is the 20th from 4-7pm

To purchase Edisto Rising E mail Carol Bass or visit her Facebook page and message her at:



Thanks to the combined effort of the conservation community we are seeing some progress. The farmers have offered significant concessions and changes to the law are contemplated.

This article in the Augusta Chronicle is of interest.

A number of videos and articles have been posted on the internet about this project.

Augusta Chronicle provides another excellent report you can read here

An excellent article in the Walterboro Press & Standard can be read here with it's more recent update here


Our friend Carol Bass shared this one about the Walter project titled "large scale agricultural effects on water quality."

EDISTOCONCERNS posted this one on Dec. 22

Perhaps the best single source of information on the Walther Potato Farm is the web of the Friends of the Edisto River (FRED)
We encourage you to visit their website

or their Facebook page

and take a look at their position

Wetland impacts are always a concern when this much land is cleared in an area known to be part of the watershed.
The State Newspaper reports that the Army Corps is looking at the site.

DHEC held a public meeting to explain the process on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, AT 6:30 p.m. in Aiken. There was an overflow crowd expressing opposition to this permit and the process that allowed it.

A bus trip for those interested has been organizaed by the Conservation voters of SC. Updates at their facebook page

Clearing to the edge of the river with no buffer
watch it on You Tube

Read SC DNR's Loggerheadlines
to learn more about what's happening with our turtles!
click here


Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

"DOT and Charleston County have completed construction of the long-awaited bike and pedestrian paths on both sides of the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway (Highway 174), beginning where the existing bike paths end at Palmetto Road and extending all the way to Botany Bay Road.  Completion of this project is making bicycling and walking much safer and more convenient on much of Edisto Island.  Motorists are reminded to obey posted speed limits and to always keep a careful lookout for bicycles, pedestrians, and animals."

paving the new bike path on the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

EIPA is responsible for implementing the Corridor Management Plan of the
Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

Sunset from the entrance to the Edisto National Scenic Byway
Sunset from the entrance of the
Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

To visit the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway Web Click here


Plan to Visit Otter Island?

SC DNR has announced that NO dogs will be allowed on Otter Island
during bird and turtle nesting season. Please do not take your dog there
as they will be monitoring the island and issuing tickets to offenders.


Like to Kayak?

SC DNR has a web with the entire Southeast Coast paddling trail and a wealth
of information. Check it out!


EIPA Supports the Botany Bay WMA
Check Botany Bay Hunt Schedule/closures by clicking the link below:

Botany Bay WMA is closed during hunts through
the fall and winter. Click here for the schedule
they have provided us.

To learn about and/or sign up for Botany Bay Volunteer Project
Click Here
For much more about Botany Bay Click Here

Notice: If you would like to make a donation to help protect and preserve
Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area SC DNR has created a special fund
specific to that purpose. For more information click here.

Notice: SC DNR has announced that Botany Bay Wildlife Management
Area is closed on Tuesdays for Essential Maintenance.

Botany Bay closed on Tuesdays Sign Provide by EIPANew regulations shelling prohibited on Botany Bay WMA

Since Jan. 1, 2010 there has been no shelling
allowed at Botany Bay - the result has been that you will visit one of
only a few beaches on the east coast that is, and looks, truly natural.
Please take out only what you bring, leave only footprints behind.
Be aware that Botany's beach is eroding rapidly and
that swimming can be trecherous.

Founding Organizations

The Edisto Island Preservation Alliance was created by nine island
organizations to work together to preserve Edisto's unique
non-commercial, undeveloped, rural agricultural character. We
discuss issues important to the community, work toward consensus,
and when necessary take positions and or action as an organization.
Our positions and actions do not necessarily reflect the positions
of any single organization other than EIPA.

You can reach the founding organizations or learn more about them at:

Edisto Island Community Association
Edisto Island Community Association
Edisto Island Open Land Trust
Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society
Town of Edisto Beach
Edisto Beach Property Owners' Association
The Friends of Edisto Beach
(no longer in existence)
Edisto Island Chamber of Commerce
The Fire Ants
The Fire Ants
visit our website

EIPA is incorporated within the state of SC as a not-for-profit
organization. We have received our federal 501-c-3 status and
are tax exempt. Donations are deductible to the extent
allowed by law.
We have our own Board of Directors and bylaws. We speak for
EIPA's members and on behalf of the people of Edisto Island.

The individual organizations that founded us do not control our actions
and are not responsible for those actions.

Mailing address: EIPA
P.O. Box 157
Edisto Island, SC 29438

Visit our business members
click here for EIPA's business members
updated for 2012-13

From our beginning the South Carolina Department of Natural
Resources has extended a helping hand to EIPA through their NERR program (National Estuarine Research Reserve).
They provided advice and staff assistance in getting EIPA organized, up and running. We gratefully acknowledge that help.

Learn more about DNR and NERR at:

The South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources does not influence
our decisions or actions and is not responsible for our positions.

We would also like to thank the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League which has provided critical support and encouragement. Visit them at

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